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Unit 3 Teaching Opportunities

This is the official web posting for CUPE 3902 Unit 3. (See below for an explanation of the difference between Unit 3 and Unit 1.)

Sessional Lecturers and Sessional Instructional Assistants are members of CUPE 3902 Unit 3. (In Unit 3, course instructors are called Sessional Lecturers and teaching assistants are called Sessional Instructional Assistants.) You are eligible to apply for Unit 3 openings if you are not a University of Toronto student or postdoctoral fellow (or a member of certain other specialized groups).

Continuously-Posted Notices

Unit 3 Teaching Opportunities for Sessional Instructional Assistants

Unit 3 Teaching Opportunities for Sessional Lecturers

Exclusion Equivalent Courses

STG Course ID (and Title) UTM Course ID UTSC Course ID
CSC 104 H1 (Computational Thinking) CSC 104 H5
CSC 108 H1 (Introduction to Computer Programming) CSC 108 H5 CSC A08 H3
CSC 120 H1 (Computer Science for the Sciences) CSC A20 H3
CSC 148 H1 (Introduction to Computer Science) CSC 148 H5 CSC A48 H3
CSC 165 H1 (Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science) MAT A67 H3/CSC A67 H3
CSC 207 H1 (Software Design) CSC 207 H5 CSC B07 H3
CSC 209 H1 (Software Tools and Systems Programming) CSC 209 H5 CSC B09 H3
CSC 236 H1 (Introduction to the Theory of Computation) CSC 236 H5 CSC B36 H3
CSC 258 H1 (Computer Organization) CSC 258 H5 CSC B58 H3
CSC 263 H1 (Data Structures and Analysis) CSC 263 H5 CSC B63 H3
CSC 300 H1 (Computers and Society) CSC 300 H5
CSC 301 H1 (Introduction to Software Engineering) CSC 301 H5 CSC C01 H3
CSC 309 H1 (Programming on the Web) CSC 309 H5 CSC C09 H3
CSC 318 H1 (The Design of Interactive Computational Media) CSC 318 H5
CSC 320 H1 (Introduction to Visual Computing) CSC 320 H5
CSC 321 H1 (Introduction to Neural Networks and Machine Learning) CSC 321 H5
CSC 324 H1 (Principles of Programming Languages) CSC 324 H5 CSC C24 H3
CSC 336 H1 (Numerical Methods) CSC 338 H5 CSC C37 H3
CSC 343 H1 (Introduction to Databases) CSC 343 H5 CSC C43 H3
CSC 358 H1 (Principles of Computer Networks) CSC 358 H5
CSC 369 H1 (Operating Systems) CSC 369 H5 CSC C69 H3
CSC 373 H1 (Algorithm Design and Analysis) CSC 373 H5 CSC C73 H3
CSC 384 H1 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) CSC 384 H5
ECE 385 H1 (Microprocessor Systems) CSC C85 H3
CSC 404 H1 (Introduction to Video Game Design) CSC 404 H5
CSC 411 H1 (Machine Learning and Data Mining) CSC 411 H5
CSC 418 H1 (Computer Graphics) CSC D18 H3
CSC 428 H1 (Human-Computer Interaction) CSC 428 H5
CSC 443 H1 (Database System Technology) CSC D43 H3
CSC 448 H1 (Formal Languages and Automata) CSC 448 H5
CSC 454 H1 (The Business of Software) CSC 454 H5
CSC 458 H1 (Computer Networking Systems) CSC 458 H5 CSC D58 H3
CSC 463 H1 (Computational Complexity and Computability) CSC 363 H5 CSC C63 H3
CSC 469 H1 (Operating Systems Design and Implementation) CSC 469 H5
CSC 488 H1 (Compilers and Interpreters) CSC 488 H5

Unit 1 Teaching Opportunities for Course Instructors

This is the unofficial web posting for CUPE 3902 Unit 1. (See below.)

CUPE 3902 Unit 1 is the group to which University of Toronto students and postdoctoral fellows belong. Unit 1 postings are not open to you unless you are a student or postdoc; conversely, Unit 3 postings are open only to “outsiders.”

Since this web site is officially for Unit 3, any postings below are not official ones but copies of official ones, placed here in the hope that they may be helpful.

Teaching Opportunities on Other Campuses

These openings may be in either Unit 1 or Unit 3, and they may be for TAs as well as, or instead of, for Sessional Lecturers or Course Instructors. Positions on other campuses are only advertised on the individual campuses' own postings.

Unit 3? Unit 1?

The union for what we may loosely call “temporary teachers” at the University of Toronto is the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902, which we usually call “CUPE 3902” or even just “CUPE” around here.

CUPE 3902 has two “units” that are directly relevant to teaching in our department:

(Actually, yes, there is a Unit 2, but if you are working or applying to work for the Department of Computer Science, then Unit 2 is irrelevant.)

Here are some questions that ought to be asked more frequently, and their answers.

Can I be in both Unit 1 and Unit 3?

No. Either you are a U of T student or postdoc, or you aren't. If your status is changing, then it's the date of the change that counts, and you should feel free to ask us for help figuring out where you belong, by sending mail to ugchair at cs dot utoronto dot ca .

Do you ever post an opening to both units at the same time?

No. We have to post to just one unit at a time. Sometimes, if we get no suitable applications from one unit, we then post to the other unit. However, the two application periods cannot overlap, and we have to decide on all the applications from the first posting before we can put up a second posting.

Teaching assistantships (as distinct from course instructorships) must be posted to Unit 1 before the corresponding positions are posted to Unit 3. We do that.

Can I apply for openings in both units at once?

It's true that we fairly commonly have openings for Unit 1 and also Unit 3 at the same time. (They are never for the same course.) However, you cannot be eligible for both kinds of opening at once (see the first question above), and though of course you can apply for both kinds, you can only be eligible for one unit's openings, and your application for the “wrong” openings will be rejected.

Why is this web page called “…/unit3”? Is there a Unit 1 page?

We are required to maintain a web posting for Unit 3. This is it.